Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Invaluable - Alana Albertson

Invaluable (The Trident Code, #2) 

Review: Invaluable - Book #2 The Trident Code - Alana Albertson - March 2017

We all have our favorite authors who write in particular themes, when it comes to the Military - Alana Albertson is one of my top authors. In Book #1 we met Pat and Annie whom he had rescued from sex traffickers after she was kidnapped. I had wondered whether Invaluable would take a similar course or not. In Invaluable we meet another of Pat's teammates Kyle. Kyle could have become a national football star, but after seeing what life he was living, he turned down the big bucks and joined the Navy SEALS. While on leave, Kyle and his teammate Vic head out dancing where they meet two females Sara and her friend. Kyle and Sara hit it off and have an amazing night filled with passion and sizzling chemistry. The next day though, they both return to their normal lives.  Months later, Kyle is with his team on tour in Afghanistan when the USO tour stops by to cheer up the troops with their San Diego Cheerleading team which to Kyle's surprise Sara is on.  The pair despite the rules have another amazing night and promise to keep in touch. Though tragedy while striking when the girls return on their way home as their convoy is attacked and the girls kidnapped.  Now Kyle and his team must head out and find the girls before any of them are killed or worst raped and beaten or sold. Can Kyle find Sara or will she be lost forever? Is Sara Kyle's Annie? Find out in this fast-paced military romantic suspense new adult story by Alana Albertson today as you will not be disappointed as it draws you in from the very first chapter.


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