Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Reality Alternatives - Lesley L. Smith

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Reality Alternatives

Review: Reality Alternatives - Lesley L. Smith - May 2016

Chloe Carsen is a physicist who has been working for the past few years on creating a hypothesis and experiment that Alternative realities do exist using Virtual Reality equipment. When everything is ready to go, and Chloe puts on her VR, she is transported into the world where she is not only a Professor of Physics but also a fun, loving mother of two boys with a handsome Husband who is currently an SAHH but studied Science. They have two amazing boys Trevor and Zach. However strange things are happening in her Alt reality as her boys and herself have abilities.  As Chloe gets more involved with her experiment, she can't help but stay in her Alternative Reality as in the real world -all she has is her Science and job. What will happen though when Chloe starts to spend more time in her new world? Will she be the same person when she returns to her present state or will she want to live in her alternative reality for as long as she is able too?  What will happen though when her two worlds collide, and her friends and family end up breaking her equipment? Will she be stuck between the two worlds or will reality right itself and show her that sometimes the alternative world can come true? I have always been interested in alternative realities and found Reality Alternatives an interesting read as what if out there somewhere is a parallel universe, another form of ourselves and what if they are living the life that we wish too?

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