Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Paper Planes and Other Things we Lost - Mindy Hayes and Michele G. Miller

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Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost (Paper Planes, #1) 

Review: Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost - Book #1 Paper Planes Series - Mindy Hayes and Michele G. Miller - June 2016

On June 18, 1992, a plane crashed off Long Island and many families lost loved ones as there were no survivors. This isn't the story about the crash or the victims that lost their lives in the plane crash but the story of those who were left behind. The families of the victims that died in the plane crash. Two families in particular.  Ruby Kaminski, lost her mother in the plane crash and her dad ended up in a depressed state. Now with her Nana trying to keep the household together, Ruby moves from day to day but has found that the crash also caused her to lose not only her boyfriend Mitchell but her other friends.  Brett and his twin sister Amber and older half-brother Cole lost both of their parents in the plane crash. Since Brett and Amber are 18, they are looking after themselves while Cole is doing his residency as he is studying to become a doctor. Cole's story is Book #2 Subway Stops which I had previously read and reviewed. Ruby's Nana tells her about a project called Paper Planes, where you can write to other people who have lost family members in the Plane Crash. Ruby picks Amber Pratt to write too. The thing is Amber is going through a rebellious stage, and Brett finds the letter unopened on Amber's floor. Curious he opens, and for the first time since his parent's death, he finds himself smiling. So begins Brett and Ruby's letter writing project to one another, the letter writing goes on throughout their senior year, and they make a goal to meet one another at the Memorial site one year later. What will happen though when Ruby doesn't show up? Has Brett also lost the one other person he could be his true self around or will Ruby and Brett finally meet and their friendship become something more?
Find out in Book #1 Paper Planes Series - Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost by Mindy Hayes and Michele G. Miller.


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