Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Rock F*ck Club - Michelle Mankin

Rock F*ck Club

Review: Rock F*ck Club - Michelle Mankin - April 2017

As soon as I saw this was coming soon, I knew I had to read it as it covered everything I loved from Rockstars and Musicians to Concert Tours, the other thing was that it was written by a favorite author of mine. The book starts with Raven catching her boyfriend Ivan from the band Heavy Metal Enthusiasts cheating on her. He uses the age-old excuse that she isn't the fun Raven he fell in love with and that he has "needs."  This spurs a reckless night of drinking and a video rant that Raven's best friend filmed. Of course, we all know what happens with video rants - they tend to go viral. Now Raven has found herself on a mission titled "Rock F*ck Club" where she and her bestie Marsha will for the next two weeks go to ten cities and she will f*ck ten rock stars. I have to admit this was one of my favorite parts in the book - not the "sex" part though that was good reading but the fact that the concert tours and rock stars brought back our favorites from previous books that Michelle Mankin had written. Reading Rock F*ck Club was like a massive Rock Star reunion story in a way, and we were able to fall in love with our favorite characters all over again as my heart skipped a couple when I saw the mention of Warren and Sager's names and then Johnny Lightning. Reading the book brought back memories of the other stories and you were transported back to their tales.  What will happen though when a particular rock star catches her attention, and she is torn between wanting more and finishing out her goal especially when it's not only her livelihood on the line? If you love rock star romances, sex and wanting a trip down memory lane and into the world of Michelle Mankin's backlist? Then what are you waiting for, get reading Rock F*ck Club by Michelle Mankin as you will not be disappointed?


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