Friday, April 14, 2017

VBT#: The Slope Rules - Melanie Hooyenga

The Slope Rules

Review: The Slope Rules - Melanie Hooyenga - February 2017

Following in her mother's footsteps, Cally has become quite the skier, and after her mother had died, she became more focused on being just like her mother as she saw it as her mother's memory living through her. During a vacation in Colorado, Cally meets a snowboarder named Blake and sparks fly. For Cally, this is a first as normally the guys back home don't pay her special attention as she is viewed as one of them. Cally has a whirlwind Summer romance with Blake and when it's time to go home, the pair exchange numbers and promise to keep in touch. One thing leads to another and Cally is heartbroken as Blake broke his promise and then to top it off Cally receives the news that they are moving to Colorado. Once Cally arrives, though, she swears she sees Blake, but why is he avoiding her? Soon Cally is befriended by the popular clique called the Snow Bunnies and is welcomed into their group - the thing is though if she wants to be one of them, she can't talk to Blake. Cally, not one to bow down starts a war with Britt and a series of Mean Girls events follow. Will Cally crumble under pressure and become a Snow Bunny or will she start a new revolution? The Slope Rules by Melanie Hooyenga was one of those sweet YA High School romances with the drama of the different cliques - the popular vs the underdogs. The Slope Rules is the perfect read for those aged 14-18 years.

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