Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Kissing Coach - Mimi Strong

The Kissing Coach

Review: The Kissing Coach - Mimi Strong - December 2012

I was in the mood for a teacher/student relationship and assumed that The Kissing Coach was a sports coach and a student relationship. However, it turned out to be a Kissing Coach /Relationship Coach type novel. In The Kissing Coach, we meet Feather, who though her love life isn't something to gloat about, she finds it easy to help teach others out there and get them their guy or in her case as she mainly helps males - their dream girl. Her latest client, however, is about to be the most challenging case yet. He doesn't look like her usual clientele, in fact, he is so hot he could be a Calvin Klein Model. Enter her newest client Devin, he may be hot and not lacking in the fashion and looks department. His problems go deeper - he has never been kissed and is afraid of kissing. Feather has always built herself an invisible wall between her and her clients so that she never falls in love with them. However, Devin will penetrate that wall as she starts to fall for him. Can Feather stay professional or after a few sessions will their relationship cross the line from a working relationship to something more personal?  The Kissing Coach by Mimi Strong ended up being quite a sweet clean romance read with no teacher/student relationships lurking around.

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