VBT# The Best Kind of Trouble - Courtney B. Jones


Review: The Best Kind of Trouble -Book #1 Trouble Series - Courtney B. Jones - January 2014

Ashley Parker has had enough of dating , especially dating arrogant jerks who think they are so all that. Especially since her latest boyfriend ended up cheating on her and with someone she thought was her friend. The break-up occurs at a party and this is where Ashley first meets Nathan. It's a hi/bye glimpse and leaves with Nathan calling her dollface. A couple of months down the track and Ashley can not get Nathan and their quick introduction out of her mind. It seems as we are about to discover that Nathan couldn't get Ashley out of his head as well. Then of course, we all know what happens next - the pair's relationship takes to a new level and they start dating. However, Ashley finds herself back to square one when she discovers that Nathan is no different than the other guys she has dated and lands herself into the arms of Caleb Matthews - another band member. Can Nathan prove to Ashley, that he really is different and that it was all of a misunderstanding or will Ashley discover that Caleb is the nice guy she is supposed to be with ?
Find out in The Best Kind of Trouble by Courtney B. Jones and if you are like me, the song that I couldn't get out of my head when reading this was "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift. 



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