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VBT# Sychrony - Cindy Ray Hale

Review: Destiny - Book #1 Destiny - Cindy Ray Hale - November 2013

Destiny is living in a world where she feels she does not belong as though her family used to be Baptists , Destiny and her brother Michael still attend Bethel Baptist School despite their religions changing over to Mormons or LDS. If only those around Destiny understood that she isn't really different because of her beliefs and that she hasn't been brainwashed. Because of her religion choices, Destiny is treated like an outcast and the worst thing is she has a crush on the principal's son Issac. At least Destiny isn't fully alone she still has her best friend Shanice and now newcomer Hannah. It seems this year will be Destiny's year to shine as she proves to everyone that just because she is a Mormon doesn't mean she is a leper and who knows her actions may capture the heart of Issac Robinson. The other thing I did like about this book was the quick snippet of Destiny reading the book "Twilight" as the author Stephenie Meyer is in fact a Mormon. 
This is a fun teenage read that all will enjoy and it also teaches us about religious persecution and judging one another on their religious beliefs before getting to know the person.

If you are on the lookout for a clean teen read or if you like to read books with a Mormon or Latter Day Saints base then check out "Destiny" by Cindy Ray Hale.


Synopsis: Synchrony - Book #2 Destiny Series - Cindy Ray Hale - TBC 2014

When her parents discover she’s been sneaking out with Isaac Robinson, the forbidden Baptist boy, Mormon girl Destiny Clark decides it’s time to keep their relationship quiet. As their relationship moves to shakier ground, Destiny discovers that Isaac has a terrible secret, and she is left completely shattered.

The moment Destiny feels all hope is lost, Preston Nelson, her longtime church friend and Isaac's bitter rival, arrives like a beacon of light. It isn't long before two separate disasters strike for Preston and Destiny's best friend, Hannah. As Destiny helps them through their issues, she discovers that sometimes the best way to forget about your own problems is to help a friend in need.

Just as her heart begins to mend and her friendship with Preston begins to heat up, Isaac walks back into her life, threatening to rekindle the feelings she’d hoped to bury forever. Will Destiny and Preston find the synchrony they so desperately need, or will she find a way to forgive Isaac and return to his outstretched arms?


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