Friday, May 23, 2014

VBT# The A-Word - Joy Preble


Review: The A- Word - Book #2 Sweet Dead Life Series - Joy Preble - May 2014

Ever wondered what it would be like in the After-life ? Would you like to be a Guardian Angel? 
The past year for Jenna has been anything but boring and mundane with so much a' happening from her brother Casey's death, her own poisoning and her mum is spaced out half the time and her Dad now off with a new life in Texas.  If you were like me and thought that having the ability to seek the afterlife and take a looksie at what's happening would be awesome, then after reading "The A-World" , it will have you thinking a whole new outlook as Jenna has to discover who killed Amber . We first met Amber in the first novel as we learned that she was Casey' s Guardian Angel Boss , we also meet a new character named Bo Shivers which does have an eerie feel to it and read as he teaches readers that being an Angel isn't all it is cracked up to be and that it's not all sunshine's and rainbows - that there is darkness looming about. As Jenna is pulled into the world of mystery once again, she dons her Nancy Drew hat and skills along with boyfriend Ryan to figure out the new mystery at hand but can she do so before she finds herself six-feet under and donning a pair of angel wings and Angel status herself ?
Find out in this fun and light-hearted teen mystery with a hint of the paranormal/supernatural themes of Angels and the After-life.

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