Friday, May 30, 2014

Review: Finding Haven - T.A Foster


Review: Finding Haven - T.A Foster - May 2014

Are you a fan of the Cinderella type stories ? The ones where someone goes undercover or misrepresents themselves to fit in to the situation around them and in doing so they come up with a fake name , fake job and cover story ? Then of course, they fall in love with someone in that community and when the truth comes out - can they truly be with that person they love or will the life they created come crashing down around them and they are back to square one ? 
Finding Haven is one of those stories as we are introduced to Hollywood Star Evan Carlson, one night after another star commitment , he walks out and hops in his car and continues to drive. He drives until he reaches a small town called Perry Island. It is here that he creates a new name for himself and a new job , as he doesn't want anyone to know who he is really. Enter Jay , a writer who is staying at Perry Island for the Summer.  As the story goes along , we also meet Haven Owen , she is the daughter of the owner of Owen's General store . Haven dreams of getting out of Perry Island and becoming a famous song-writer.  When a job opportunity opens up at Owen's - Jay steps in and takes the job and of course sooner than later - Haven and Jay become an item and things start to heat up, but of course their happiness will be cut short when people from Evan's life in Hollywood - Emmy and the Paparazzi track him back to Perry Island. 
How will Haven take the news that the guy she fell in love with lied to her ? Was any of what he said and felt true ? Can Evan prove to Haven that everything was real and only the name and job were fake ?
Finding Haven is the perfect read for all those who love Cinderella Tales.

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