VBT# Read, Write, Love - Melissa Foster


Review: Read, Write, Love - Book#5 The Remingtons and Book #14 Love in Bloom Series - Melissa Foster - May 2014

Kurt Remington is a best-seller thriller writer and with the writing comes the art of being alone , so alone that he has almost committed himself to the author recluse curse. During the Winter he stays at home but often during Summer, he likes to head to his house in Cape Cod and write during the days with the beach and sea outside his window. Peace, Quiet and a great scenery is all he needs to write and he has not missed a deadline since starting his writing career. It seems though that this Summer , it's not only a book on Kurt's plate but also the possibility of love when he meets Leanna and her dog Pepper. Leanna though is the opposite of Kurt from her messiness to her hippiness and free-spirited self as Kurt being the writer loves order, deadlines and structure. Is the saying opposites really do attract ring true in Read, Write , Love ? What will happen though when the end of Summer comes around , will the pair realise that this was just a Summer Fling or will their love be blooming and a relationship pursue ? 
Find out in the latest book in the Love in Bloom Series as well as Book #5 in The Remingtons Series. One thing that I love about what Melissa Foster has done is the characters and a lot of the same surroundings can cross over into the other stories, similar to what Abbi Glines has done with her Seabreeze and Rosemary Beach Series.



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