Review: And With Madness Comes the Light - Karina Halle


Review: And With Madness Comes the Light - Book #6,5 Experiment in Terror Novella - Karina Halle - February 2013

As readers of my reviews know I am dreadful most of the time about reading series out of order and trust me it's not deliberate, I honestly try to read them in order if I am aware of the series etc. This was one of those books as it happens to be Book #6.5. I was able to get a bit of the gist but am still a tad confused about why the series is called "Experiment in Terror" but in And With Madness Comes the Light, we meet Declan aka Dex who fell in love with a girl named Perry, the thing was he wasn't in a situation to fall in love with her as what started as friends ended up with them sleeping together and her telling Dex she was in love with him. Of course, Dex had a girlfriend called Jenny - though the pair of them seemed more like friends with benefits as she had someone else she was sleeping with as well. Now Dex has no-one and his feeling for the first time in his life , heartbroken.  We also learn that Dex has the ability to see ghosts and Perry can talk to them. Growing up Dex has kept the ghosts at bay by taking medication - hence what he calls the "madness" but when truths are revealed, he stops taking the medicine and it actually starts to bring him back to his old self and a much more healthier version. Perry on the other hand is suffering as she has been possessed by a Demon and her family want to put her in a mental institution as they believe she is crazy. Can Dex when he recieves the phone call from Perry younger sister "Little Fifteen" save the day by bringing in reinforcements and resources from his past ? Or will Dex have to say goodbye and bury another one he loves and will the Madness continue to bring darkness to his life forever ?
A nice and quick read for all fans of Supernatural and it has now made me want to go back and read the series and also as I am a cover gal, I loved the cover of the book.



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