Review : A Girl's Guide to Moving On - Debbie Macomber


A Girl's Guide to Moving On (New Beginnings, #2)

Review: A Girl's Guide to Moving On - Book #2 New Beginnings - Debbie Macomber - February 2016

For those who are fans of Debbie Macomber's books will remember at the end of Last One Home , Nichole - the younger sister discovered that the husband she thought loved her actually was having affairs and one of the girls ended up pregnant .  A Girl's Guide to Moving on takes place two years after Last One Home and Nichole and Jake are busy going through a long divorce process and Leanne which is Jake's mother has finally got up the guts and divorced her husband Sean as like father, like son - Sean had plenty of affairs throughout their 30+ years of marriage and until Leanne saw Nichole stand-up to Jake , she had always turned a blind eye to what was happening.  Nichole and Leanne moved out and are now living in apartments across from one another and working through their list which is a guide they put together to help them move forward.  The first on the list was 1) to volunteer and make sure it is a passion . For Nichole she has been working one day a week at Dress for Success which is a non-profit that helps dress women going for job interviews and Leanne has been teaching English to non-speakers at Night school.  It is around their jobs that they met two people who will help them discover that they are to be treated as princesses and number ones and will help them not waver and go crawling back to either Jake or Sean. For Nichole she meets Rocco - a tow truck driver and his daughter and Leanne - Nikolai -one of her students on her English course. Can Nichole and Leanne find a way to move on or will their pasts keep coming back to haunt them and find a way to insert themselves into their present lives ?  With A Girl's Guide to Moving On by Debbie Macomber, this is a book that all ages will appreciate and anyone who has ever had to move on from a difficult relationship and one that they often feel obliged to go back to for one reason or another will love as be honest - we have all been in that situation at one time or another and we all have that one person in our lives that we if they asked - would go crawling back to and we as women have to muster up the strength to say enough is enough and move on with our lives in order not to lose ourselves.


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