VBT# Competing with a Star - Krysten Lindsey Hager

Competing with the Star

Review: Competing with the Star - Book #2 Next Door to a Star Series - Krysten Lindsay Hager - March 2016

Hadley Daniels has just moved to a new town away from her friends and is starting fresh. She has a new group of friends and one of them is former TV Star Simone , this has made Hadley's new friends a group of the popular kids and one guy has caught her eye - Nick . He and Hadley have moved from early friends to dating and now giving a relationship a go . This is hard for Hadley as his ex-girlfriend Regan is a stunner and it seems that everyone wants a bit of Nick including mean girl Morgan who in a way reminded me of Regina George from Mean Girls and Hadley was like newcomer Cady. As the story goes along, we get to catch glimpses of Nick and Hadley's blooming relationship as he takes her along to meet his Grandad in the rest home - during this time , Hadley sees Pilar - she hangs around with the same crowd as her but they haven't been close friends until now. As Nick becomes more serious with Hadley, she starts to hear rumours and things on how Nick used to be obsessed with Simone and how they should be together and it seems that Simone has her claws and her mind set on Nick. Just as Nick and Hadley get serious to the "I love you" point, Simone gets her way with Nick.  Hurting Hadley, can Nick prove it was nothing or will Hadley believe Simone's side of the stories and follow the advice of friends before boys ? Or was this a ploy to get Hadley falling further away from Nick, so she could swoop in and have him for herself ? I really enjoyed this story as in a way it does ring true with many of us females feelings of what its like when our current beau still loves his ex or when others are after him or even worse when an ex tries to interfere in your relationship. It can be damaging to our self-esteem and leave us hurting, sometimes heartbroken or wondering are we good enough ?
Find out all this and more in Krysten Lindsay Hager's new book "Competing With the Star".


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