Tuesday, May 31, 2016

VBT# Play Your Heart Out - Crystal Kaswell

Play Your Heart Out (Sinful Serenade #4)

Review: Play Your Heart Out - Book #4 Sinful Serenade Series - Crystal Kaswell - May 2016

As readers know , the other stories I like are the "fake romances" that eventually have a HEA - yes, I am a true sucker for the Happily Ever Afters , I think it's the romantic at heart part of me.  In Play Your Heart Out we meet Jess James who is working as a waitress to help pay her tuition for Law School . She has been burned before and is just trying to find a way to move on with her life , as she is estranged from her family. Her dad is an alcoholic and the one person she thought she could rely on and would always have her back ended up sleeping with her boyfriend behind her back and they are now together.  One night , Jess meets rock star Pete Steele - the bass guitarist of Sinful Serenade. He has a background and history of being a "real" rockstar with lots of girls, drinking and a bad reputation to boot. The thing is he needs someone who can keep his reputation clean and act as a front as a good girlfriend and he knows just the person for the job - Jess James.  In return for acting like his girlfriend, he will pay Jess's tuition to Law School - that's all she asks for as her loans and other hopeful sources of income have been declined and if she wants to go to law school then Pete is her only hope. As the book goes on, we read as Jess is actually really good for Pete and his whole attitude starts to change and we catch glimpses of a Pete that actually could sustain a proper relationship - then of course as it's only glimpses he pushes and pulls Jess back and forward. Soon she realises that she is actually falling for him and that if she doesn't get out now then he will break her even more than she was prior as this time she won't be able to stop falling under.  Can Pete realise in time what he is about to give up and that he is actually capable of love and the feelings and emotions that come with it ?
Find out in Book #4 Play Your Heart Out. Though this is part of a series , each book can be read as a stand-alone story and each features a different band member.

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