Friday, May 27, 2016

VBT# The Truth of a Liar - Cassie Graham

In The Truth of a Liar by Cassie Graham, though it can be read as a stand-alone , it may be wise to read the first book Anyone But Him as the first chapter of The Truth of A Liar features the story of Whitley, Jennings and Lark and has Lark apologising to Whitley. I was a little confused and had to re-read a bit to make sure I was fully comprehending the chapter and I think if I had read the book Anyone But Him, I might have understood more on what Lark was apologising to Whitley about. The book then jumps six years later and Lark has been busy becoming an FBI Agent and it seems that after speaking and apologising to Whit and Jennings, he decided to clean up his act and stop being a Liar and become an FBI agent on the straight and narrow instead. After reading what he had done and how he changed and turned his life around, my heart did a little happy dance for Lark. Now six years later, Lark has been assigned with his team to do security work and be bodyguards for Broadway actress Rowan Townsend. Rowan is surprised to see that Lark is now working for the FBI and protecting her as in High school he was a real jerk and ruined her senior year performance and interfered with her chances at a future in performing.  As the story starts, it's clear that Lark doesn't remember Rowan in that capability but as the story goes along - the pair start to connect and their pasts come flooding back. Just as they are starting to patch things up and make a go at a semi-romance state , the group that has been targeting Rowan kidnap her - can Lark and his team find Rowan in time before she is sold as part of a human trafficking ring ? Will Lark lose the love of his life once more ?. It seems like the last few books the stories have been surprising me which has been quite nice as you do go through waves where the books all start to feel and read like the same story over again as I thought that after the six years things may have sparked again or that Whitley would be Lark's possible HEA and not Rowan but I did like reading the twist in the story. 


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