VBT# Handbags and Hooligans - Laina Turner

Review: Handbags and Hooligans - Book #3 Presley Thurman Mysteries - Laina Turner - June 2013

Our fun-loving girl Presley Thurman is back and this time like Stephanie Plum , mysteries and trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes and this time it has followed her to Las Vegas - the city of Sin and Nightlife. Presley's best friend Anna has decided to elope and so Presley and her guy-pal are off to watch and witness the nuptials but of course there has to be an amazing bachelorette party and lots of fun . However, wherever Presley goes, the fun turns into mayhem and mystery. While in Vegas , they met up with Presley's brother and his new girlfriend Ashley and the vibe Presley is getting is that this might be the "one". The girls invite Ashley to their bachelorette party but she doesn't show and eventually turns out she is missing and her place has been ransacked. Checking out her place, it doesn't nessecarily scream school teacher but more stripper . As Presley delves deeper into Ashley's life - things aren't exactly adding up and it seems that the trouble is about to get way over her head. Enter Cooper - though him and Presley have been on the outs - he is still there for her and reminds me more of Joe than Ranger.  Can Presley and Cooper find out the truth about Ashley and what will the impact be when the truth comes rolling out ?
For a fun-loving romantic comedy mystery and while you are waiting for the next Janet Evanovich book to arrive - why not check out Book #3 Handbags and Hooligans by Laina Turner today.


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