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Fatal Reunion (Mike Zorich Book 2)

Review: Fatal Reunion - Ken Malovos - December 2015

One of my favourite things I love to read about is reunion type novels, where the characters get  a blast from the past and are reunited with people they haven't seen in years. I have personally always wanted to go to a reunion , so that you can see what everyone has turned into or doing these days. What happens though when reunions turn deadly ? For Jason Robinson , he is going to wish that he never turned up to his High School Reunion . Now an English Teacher , Jason is invited to his 20th High School Reunion . While at the reunion, because it's the norm to do he reconnects with old high school sweetheart.  The next day , his high school sweetheart turns up dead and all fingers are pointing to Jason. What motive would Jason have to kill his old girlfriend ? Has secrets from the past started to rise up ? In a way Fatal Reunion reminded me of the new TV show Game of Silence where six high school friends were involved in a crime and then years later - they come together to keep their secrets buried. At first the case seems flismy and that Jason may get off, but as the novel continues and secrets and dirty laundry come to light Jason is looking guilty and guiltier by the minute and it seems that no-one is looking in anyone else's direction as a suspect.   Things for Jason's lawyer though isn't adding up so Mike decides to do his own investigation into the matter but when he starts to dig deeper into the lives of those at the reunion - will he be the next one to die as he starts to expose dirty secrets that will leave families and their lives ruined as the story unfolds.
If you love Legal Thrillers like Lisa Scottoline , Marcia Clark , John Grisham and written with the same fast pace as James Patterson and Harlan Coben's stories , then you will love Fatal Reunion by Ken Malovos.


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