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Review: Davy Harwood - Tijan

Davy Harwood (The Immortal Prophecy #1)

Review: Davy Harwood - Book #1 The Immortal Prophecy - Tijan - April 2011

Most people when they hear Tijan's name they think of her Fallen Crest series, for me, I have still to read those. So far, besides Carter Reed, I have read Evil which was a supernatural/paranormal story.  I was scrolling through my Kindle as a friend had mentioned Tijan, and again I was aiming to read the Fallen Crest series, but of course, Davy Harwood's cover caught my eye, and I clicked and started this series. The book starts off with Davy - an empath at college, she is working with her roommate at a Lifeline type call center when she receives a note that a girl is going to jump. Davy rushes to the roof and talks to the girl and then she jumps. Soon Davy starts to notice strange things happening around campus as there seems to be an influx in Vampires and her best friend Kates from back home who is a Vampire Slayer is in town. They are all searching for the being known as "The Immortal One." What don't they know is who that person is? What will happen though when Davy meets Lucas Roane - a Vampire who seems intent on helping her not killing her? Has her whole life been a lie or is the prophecy of "The Immortal One" coming true and is Davy - the chosen one? As the story goes along, the lines of friendships and enemies become blurred, and Davy doesn't know who to trust. Personally, I found Davy Harwood slow to start, also a tad frustrating in parts, especially with the whole Adam/Lucas/Davy/Shelley love triangles and the whole college drama. Overall Davy Harwood was a good story which I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out over the next two books in the trilogy.


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