Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Review: My Sugar Daddy - Trinity Blacio

My Sugar Daddy

Review: My Sugar Daddy - Book #1 Sugar Daddies Series - Trinity Blacio - June 2014

I have to admit firstly that this was one of the weirdest books I have ever read. It was all over the place and made me feel like the author couldn't decide on a final genre or theme for the book, so she decided to chuck in everything that she loved. Opening this book, I imagined it would be a simple Sugar Daddy novel but nope the main girl Laura who is a BBW with a baby son signs up for the site and ends up with not one but two sugar daddies and also turns out the site is a front for top secret government business. The father of the baby Max is a jerk and turns out later that his wife is friends with the Wilmont family whom Laura has Grant and Daniel as her sugar daddies. When things start looking up, Laura ends up being attacked by what seems like terrorists and meets the rest of the Wilmont family. Laura along with her best friend Alex whom the other team members are her sugar daddy and she has three btw to head to the family compound. Enter another brother Roman, and now Laura has three sugar daddies, and the brother's parents seem all good with their sons sharing the same female under their roof.  We then learn the Wilmont's daughter Sandra has two husbands and they end up being werewolves. So we have gone from Sugar Daddies to Terrorism attacks to Werewolves and Threesomes. Just when you think it couldn't get any more bizarre, we learn that the Wilmont Brothers were part of a government program when they were younger and had Alien blood and genetics, and now Laura must sleep with them all one after another otherwise she will die. The clincher - to top off the total weirdness of My Sugar Daddy near the ending blue aliens appear and zombies. 
If you want your usual Sugar Daddy type romances, then Trinity Blacio's book isn't for you but if you are in the mood for a bizarro read, then why the heck not.

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