Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: Sweet Spot - Stella Rhys

Sweet Spot

Review: Sweet Spot - Stella Rhys - March 2017

I have a thing for roomies and friends to lover type stories, probably because my relationship was a friend to lover. My partner is my best friend. Technically Sweet Spot wasn't a roommate novel or friends to lovers but it is a neighbor to lovers story, and they do live next to each other in the same building.  Lia Pope from the beginning seemed like my kind of gal minus the fact that I would still prefer to wear clothes in my apartment. I would rather still wear boxers and a t-shirt around. She is, however, the type to relax in the bath with a good book on a Saturday night with a glass of wine - seems like heaven to me. On this particular night though things don't go to plan as she is interrupted and meets her hot new neighbor while in the buff.  Lukas is house-sitting for his sister while she is busy in France and Tess forgot to inform Lia about it.  Lia needs to be laid, and Lukas is a hot guy, one thing leads to another, and the two start forming this love/hate friendship which of course leads to hot neighborly sex.  What will happen though when Lia's dream of opening her own truffle business hits a wall because she is associated with Lukas? After being burned once by her ex-boyfriend, will Lia let another man stand in the way of her dreams? Can Lukas prove to Lia that she hits his sweet spot and that he will do anything for her? Even be her supermarket promotion boy? I found Sweet Spot to be a bit bland and slow for my taste as for me there was a hot chemistry lacking, but I did love the character of Lia as I could see a bit of myself in her. Sweet Spot by Stella Rhys is a good read if you love Neighbours to Lover type romances.

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