Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review: The Venus Fix - MJ Rose

The Venus Fix (Butterfield Institute, #3)

Review: The Venus Fix - Book #3 The Butterfield Institute - M.J Rose - July 2006

One of my favorite things to read is psychological thrillers and mysteries. An author I discovered over ten years ago was M.J Rose. She was my first look into reading mysteries with a mental health/sex therapy issue. MJ Rose's main character Dr. Morgan Snow is a Sex Therapist and helps her patients through problems with escorts, pornography, and sexual deviancy. In The Venus Fix, Dr. Morgan Snow presents several patients including a high profile person who visits her under a pseudonym as he admits watching porn and is worried his wife might kill him or do something inappropriate if she finds out. In The Venus Fix, we do read a number of different storylines all connecting and interweaving with one another as someone is killing off cam-girls, and it looks like Morgan's latest intern might be next on the killer's list as while putting herself through college she worked as a cam-girl and wore only a butterfly mask hence the cover of the book.  If you love reading books about psychological issues and therapy sessions, then check out The Venus Fix by MJ Rose today. The Venus Fix is also quite a quick read for those needing a touch of murder and suspense in their daily lives.


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