Saturday, September 8, 2018

VBT# In Too Deep - Dani Collins


Review: In Too Deep - Book #3 Blue Spruce Lodge Series - Dani Collins - August 2018
This was the first one in this series that I have read and was able to be read as a standalone book. In Too Deep we meet Wren who has been looking after her niece Sky after her sister Mandy passed away. Wren has been struggling lately with her niece and now has decided it's time for her niece to meet her father and his family who live at the Blue Spruce Lodge. Her father happens to be a famous sportsperson and a gold medalist in snowboarding. Trigg is trying hard to be a father but it's not easy when he didn't know she existed till recently and seeing as she is twelve years old now, he has the tween puberty hormones to put up with. From page one there is definite chemistry between Wren and Trig that makes me wonder if they had spent some time together before Sky's birth? This was a harder book for me to read as I found it quite hard to connect to the characters as found Sky a spoilt brat and Wren was too annoying for me as a character. I am going to say though on the positive that if you are looking for a sweet family to-be romance read, then In Too Deep by Dani Collins is the read for you as also includes the famous trope of fake relationships and pretend engagements as well as being a family saga novel as all of Trigg's family live near or at the lodge.

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