Balls in the Air by Molly Sloan - Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Release Date: December 8, 2019


My boss must be mad to have me cover a science fair in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Then I met Him. The brilliant billionaire with a plan to save the planet.
A gorgeous scientist with that smoldering stare.
Once he touched me, my body came alive.
Now, all I can think about is straddling him and taking off his glasses.

I’m the last son of three with a story of being adopted.
From Scotland but raised in the States, I’m back to fulfill my dead father’s request.
I didn’t count on the beautiful BBC reporter to bust my balls.
Smart, determined and driven to find the truth.
Turns out, big oil is trying to pull a fraud.
But once we uncover the mystery, she’ll see my intentions are pure.
And no one will ever be able to take her away from me.



"What’s going on over there?” Nikki pointed to a crowd gathered across the walkway. They were headed back to their rental car after the meeting with Zane and saw a group of students forming a circle around some object of interest.

Always the journalist, Aria said, “Let’s go investigate.” She was glad Nikki had brought her camera in case there was something to film. You never know when you’ll come upon something newsworthy, like a student protest or some kind of conflict. One incident could change your life forever,and for all Aria knew, this could be one of those moments.

When they got over there, though, they saw a juggler doing a street performance. She was about to just walk on by when she noticed Nikki had a huge smile on her face. “Oh wow, Aria. Look at this!” Aria grinned because Nikki looked more like an excited seven-year-old than a seasoned BBC photographer. “He’s really good!”

The juggler was a tall thin man wearing jeans and a t-shirt that said, “Get a load ofthese balls” and had a picture of juggling on it. He was wearing a fedora and black high tops and was entertaining the crowd by juggling blocks and pins. He tossed one of the balls to a woman in the crowd who threw it back to him. He did this several times, adding a ball each time, so that the next person had multiple balls to throw back. He made eye contact with Aria, as if to see if she wanted to be next, but Aria just shook her head. Juggling wasn’t really her thing.

The juggler then turned to a man next to him and tossed him the balls and pins. Aria’s eyebrows went up in shock. Not only was the man really good at juggling, but he was one of the sexiest men she’d ever laid eyes on. Seriously. He had thick dark hair, big brown eyes with enviably long lashes, and thick kissable lips that he was biting as he focused on not dropping the balls.

“Earth to Aria. Hello?” Nikki was laughing at Aria. “Your mouth is literally open and there is actual drool coming out of it. And you haven’t heard a word I’ve been saying.”

Aria shook herself back to reality. “I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

“I said that that guy is too good at juggling. They have to be a team. He’s probably part of the act.”

Aria had to agree. What were the chances that some random audience guy would be such a good juggler? She started to walk away but took one more look at him. He was just so beautiful, she hated to leave.

You’re here on assignment, not to get involved with hot circus performers. Just walk away, Aria.

“Do you want to stay? Watch some more? Maybe get his number? Book the wedding venue?” Nikki was standing there smiling, one hand on her hip.

“You’re having fun with this, aren’t you? Let’s go.” Aria took one last look at Hot Juggler Guy and then headed back to the car. She had some interview questions to write.

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About the Author

Molly Sloan is a second generation Irish American who traded her early modeling career for a career in public relations.

After 10 years developing business strategy, branding and crisis communication for some of the world's largest companies, she is living her dream of being a writer.

"I love the psychological motivation behind the characters and exploring the emotional and intimate sides of relationships," says Molly, "my books are an escape, I hope readers think so too. Every book is a standalone story with a happy ever after ending."

Molly lives in Oregon with her hot husband of 20 years and her little black kitty.

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