Review: The Pawn - Lucy Auburn

The Pawn (Coleridge Academy Elites, #1)

Review: The Pawn - Book #1 Coleridge Elites - Lucy Auburn - August 2019
Those who read The Snake in the Grass by Lucy Auburn will understand this book more as The Snake in the Grass was a prequel aka Book 0.5 to the series. In Book #1 Brenna has signed up to Coleridge Academy and become one of them potentially. With her connections to the Legacies blog she was brought in to pull down the Elites as well as get her own revenge for her brother Silas. Brenna signs up under her mother's maiden name and she meets two of the four - Lukas and Tanner. Lukas seems like your nice guy and Tanner is someone who loves to push the boundaries and play games and it's a good thing that Brenna isn't afraid as she puts Tanner to the test. One thing Brenna hates more than anything is bullies, so when Cole is seen bullying someone - Brenna stands up for her and finds herself at the top of Cole's hit list for the new year. The thing is Brenna is on a mission and how can she lose everything and fear anyone when she has already lost everything she ever cared about. The fourth guy is Blake. During the school year, they will push Brenna to the brink and get her to leave just like Silas. Brenna later learns that they aren't aware her brother killed himself, so she now has the upper hand and so begins the Legacies leak of information about the Coleridge Elites who seem untouchable. What happens though when we learn all is not what it seems and that maybe Brenna didn't know her twin brother Silas as well as she thought? The book ended in a cliffhanger which I had to read twice as I was like OMFG no way and now I can't wait to read Book #2 The Knight which arrived on my e-reader today. What I enjoyed about The Pawn too was unlike the other bullymance stories I have read, the main character Brenna stood her ground and she didn't cave into the sexual side of things as lately alot of the bullymance stories have had a strong sexual element to the stories.


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