Review: Loving Summer - Kailin Gow

Loving Summer (Loving Summer, #1)

Review: Loving Summer - Book #1 Loving Summer - Kailin Gow - May 2012

After reading Crushed which was a prequel to the Loving Summer series and it had been years since I read the Loving Summer series, so I decided to re-read the series. Loving Summer starts three years after the Donovans moved away in the middle of the night and it has been three years since Summer has laid eyes on the Donovan family. Gone is the young girl who had a bit of baby fat and braces and the young thirteen-year-old Summer who has now blossomed into the gorgeous stunning sixteen-year-old Summer.  Nate, Drew and Rachael has just moved back for the Summer and staying with Aunt Sookie. With their family demons, we have Nate who Summer is still head over heels for but has a girlfriend Christy and Drew who is a playboy and using sex to forget his emotions and Rachael is now a goth/emo with her black and purple streaked hair. Summer has also captured the attention of a newcomer Hollywood actor Astor. Has Drew missed his chance with Summer as he still is pining for her but of course right throughout the book he is a jerk.  During the book though to we have some strong emotional scenes from Donovan's mother ending in hospital after trying to kill herself and then Aunt Sookie has an illness revealed. I have to admit the angst of this book was high between Summer and Nate as it was a lot of chemistry but not enough action and was a lot of back and forth between the characters. I wanted to shake Nate and was like make up your mind about your feelings with Summer. Don't muck her around as she's a big girl and can take it and make up her own decisions. If you are wanting to read a new adult filled with angst, then check out the Loving Summer by Kailin Gow.


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