Sunday, November 24, 2019

Review- Bad Posh Boys - Meghan Zane

Bad Posh Boys (Billionaires Prep Academy, #1)

Review: Bad Posh Boys - Book #1 Billionaire Prep Series - Meghan Zane - August 2019

With the uprise of bully romances and set in elite schools, you get books that are amazing and take a different spin, similarities in average books and then you get the ones that are sadly missing. Unfortunately Meghan Zane's Bad Posh Boys was one of those "misses'. As I go into every book wanting to enjoy it and due to the fact that it was a bully romance, I did manage to finish it but there were points in the novel where the editing could have been improved, however this part didn't ruin it for me. What ruined it for me was that the book didn't have a consistent flow as it seemed to hopscotch all over the place and just when it started to get really good at points, instead of going deeper it took a different turn and we were to forget all about what just happened. Our main character starts a new boarding school which turns out is the same one where her best friend Jake and his twin brother Nate attend. The character must attend the high school in order to receive her inheritance from her birth father and so she does and she intended to do it with her head down but unfortunately everyone has heard the story of how her mother slept with her married boss and that she was the result of the torrid affair.  Jake tries to protect her but is viewed as a "weak bother" at the school and so it is up to our main female lead to stand up to Nate and the bullies and prove she belongs and can pass the next few years to inherit what is rightfully hers.

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