Review: From Here to You - Jamie McGuire

From Here to You (Crash and Burn, #1)

Review: From Here to You - Book #1 Crash and Burn Series - Jamie McGuire - August 2018
I may be in two minds about the author herself, but I have to admit I do enjoy her books. It has been a long time though since I read a book by Jamie McGuire and reading From Here to You reminded me how much I had enjoyed Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster as in From Here to You we are reunited with two of the Maddox Brothers - the twins Taylor and Tyler. Also I have to admit Jamie McGuire always seems to have the most beautiful covers for her books - they are so pretty.  From Here to You starts similar to the movie Safe Haven where the main character runs away from her old life to start new, changes her name and stays hidden so her partner can't find her. In From Here to You, Darby is about to marry her high school sweetheart Shaun when she learns she is pregnant with his baby. Shaun is the type of guy who abuses Darby and in the past she wasn't strong enough to stand up to him, but now she has the baby to think about - her maternal instincts kick in and her best friend Carly helps her escape. Darby winds up in Colorado Springs and has made a vow not to date anyone who wears a uniform or is in an authority position as she has been burned too much by Shaun and it damaged her self-esteem. Darby manages to get a job at the local hotel/bar and the manager Stavros lets her live there for cheaper rent. While working there, currently it is fire season and a lot of hotshots are in town and of course Darby is a beautiful woman so there is a lot of flirting happening but no dating. This is where we catch a glimpse of the Maddox Brothers who feature throughout the story and they make a reference to a certain incident that featured Travis that made me smile as I was like "I remember that". Enter Trex, he and his old military team are working private security on a secret project in the mountains and he sees Darby - she is his "perfect girl" , the one he has dreamed about his whole life. One big problem though, she won't date military and so little white lies start. What will happen though when Trex's ex - Val runs a background check on Darby and it alerts her ex-es brother and he comes to Colorado Springs looking for her? Can Trex protect Darby or will she want nothing to do with him, when she finds out his lies and he is the reason Shaun has found her?  The last part of this book is very action-packed from the moment Shaun finds her and leaves you holding your breath as you read the last few chapters. I am now looking forward to reading some more of Jamie McGuire's works as she is now back on my reading radar.


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