Review: It Sounded Better in my Head - Nina Kenwood

It Sounded Better in My Head

Review: It Sounded Better in my Head - Nina Kenwood - August 2019
I wasn't 100% sure what to expect when I picked up this book with its cheerful cover - I had the yellow cover which is the AUS/NZ edition. This blue cover is the US edition. As I started reading it, I was in two minds as it felt a bit young but as I got reading it I was drawn into the world of the main female character Natalie. It is coming up to Christmas and she has just had a giant bombshell thrown on her that her parents are divorcing and her Dad is moving out. To make matters worst, this has been 10 months in the planning and Natalie realizes just how oblivious she was to it happening.  She is also in her last year of high school and waiting patiently for their exam results to come in and the applications to their university choices. We learn that Natalie suffered from PCOS and has had low self-esteem issues due to her acne and scarring. She has two best friends Lucy and Zach who are dating and she feels like the third wheel - especially since she has underlying feelings for Zach. During the book though Natalie will gain the attention of Owen and Zach's older brother Alex. Alex has been seen as a playboy but we can sense something there. However, Zach won't take this lightly and will sabotage it which leads to feelings of whether Zach is jealous and likes Natalie as well as Lucy.  It Sounded Better in my Head was a light-hearted yet realistic YA novel set in the world of Down Under.


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