Review: Make Your Move - J.Bree

Make Your Move (Hannaford Prep #2)

Review: Make Your Move - Book #2 Hannaford Prep Series - J.Bree - October 2019
I had really enjoyed Book #1 of this series Just Drop Out, as the main female character Eclipse aka Lips was such a strong character. She is also known as the "Wolf" which in Make Your Move we learn a bit more about the trials that she had to go through after Hawk died and the stories behind some of her scars. I really liked how she and Avery shared truths each morning. The only part of Make Your Move that did confuse me a bit was the prologue of Ash and Avery leaving with their mother.  Did Senior kill their mother? It's Lips second year at Hannaford Prep and she has managed to win over Avery, Harley, and Blaise but Ash - Avery's twin still has a strong vendetta against Lips and acts like a spoilt little brat. I have to admit I hated his character as he acts like a "poor me" rich brat with an attitude problem. It's like "get over yourself and move on" like the rest of your friends and sister did. This year it is an action-packed book as Lips helps Avery and the guys get revenge on a list of girls and guys who have wronged them. Unlike the first book where the bullying was mainly aimed at Eclipse, the second book was Lips and her friends' exacting revenge on those who deserved it. We also find out more about the other members of The Twelve and I have to admit I OMG'd when we have that chapter where Lips faces Lance and turns off the light. I was like WOW as I was trying to envision what Eclipse looked like. Just like all the other bullymances lately and good books, Make Your Move ends on a cliffhanger and now I have to wait a month for Book #3.  If you are wanting a bully romance where the main character is so broken that it makes her equally strong, then J. Bree's Hannaford Prep series is for you.


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