#VBT - How to Quit Your Crush - Amy Fellner Dominy

How to Quit Your Crush

VBT# Review - How to Quit Your Crush - Amy Fellner Dominy - May 2020
If you are in the mood for a YA romance that is finally about standing up for yourself despite your family's approval, then How to Quit Your Crush by Amy Fellner Dominy is the read for you. I have to admit that this was another slow-burn romance which seems to be the theme around here lately in the books I have read recently. I have to admit I wasn't keen on the main female lead but at least she finally came to her senses at the end after a bout of jealousy kicked through, but took her long enough. I also hated her parents especially when it was revealed what they both said while they thought she was sleeping when she was seven and got lost. I was so angry at them as it's like how dare they say that about their daughter, don't they have a caring bone in their bodies? Anyway, How to Quit Your Crush is about Maya aka Mai who has just recently graduated high school and is on her journey to bigger and better things - so she decides a clean break is what she needs and before things can go any further she breaks up with Anthony - her secret boyfriend. Thinking that the relationship wasn't important, she believes she can just move on without a thought but life and fate have different plans as she still loves Anthony and vice versa. Over the summer, the pair end up working at the same Community Cares project and decide that the only way they can move on is to make each other hate them and so they propose a two-week fling in which the other tries to ruin their views of the other. Of course, as we know this will have an opposite reaction as they become closer to one another learning each other's dark secrets. Can Maya stand up to her family before it's too late or will she lose the one person who has loved her for who she is true?
Find out in How to Quit Your Crush by Amy Fellner Dominy - a love/hate light YA romance by Entangled Crush.


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