Review: Heart's Key - Marianne Evans

Do you enjoy Christian author Marianne Evan's books ? Have you OR Did you check out my review of Heart's Communion by Marianne Evans ?
Get ready for Book #4 in the Woodlands Series :)
Review: Heart's Key - Book #4 Woodlands Series - Marianne Evans - November 2011
Wanting more Woodlands action ? In Book #3 Heart's Communion we read about the coming together of Jeremy and preschool teacher Monica and now with Heart's Key , we meet newcomer Amy and her daughter Pyper (I love the way that is spelt and the name) , Amy was according to other reviews one of the main characters in Book #2 Heart's Surrender . Now five years later Amy has been married and divorced and has a beautiful daughter. Her marriage though didn't finish on great terms with her fleeing away from her home with her daughter to the one place on earth she has always felt safe and sound - Woodlands. Now one year later, Amy has made a life for herself and Pyper in Woodlands and working two jobs , when former Woodlands resident now turned big famous Singer Tyler heads home for a stop on his tour -Tyler was also the other lead character in Heart's surrender. Tyler always had a soft spot for Amy and notices that she's a shell of her former self , his heart aches for her and longs to get to know her. Amy, feeling inadequate wants to get know Tyler but when she sees him with Rebecca- she assumes he's already in a relationship and who would want to be in a relationship with a single mother and a five year old daughter . Heart's Key to sum it up is about the reunion of former lovers Tyler and Amy and their chance of second love . Can they prove to each other that they want this ? Is Tyler ready for the commitment of an automatic family and will Amy be able to overcome the hurt of her past love and self-rejection to let Tyler in ?
A great finale to an amazing series , which I am hoping to go back and read Books #1 and #2 in the series and I look forward to reading in the future more books by Marianne Evans.


  1. Paula, thank you so much! WOW!! A Five ranking is humbling and awesome - your review touched my heart. I'd be delighted to hear what you think of Hearts Crossing & Hearts Surrender should you get a chance to read them!! Much more coming soon from Harbourlight Books and White Rose Publishing, so I do pray you stay tuned, and please know how much I appreciate your time, talent, and dedication to sharing books with readers!! God bless.


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