Review: Under the Midnight Sun - Karen Colgan

Wanting an historical christian novella to read ?
Review: Under the Midnight Sun - Karen Colgan - October 2011
Looking for a historical christian novella to read ? One , that only is a hop,skip and a jump read standing at 56 pages ?
Under the Midnight Sun by Karen Colgan takes us into the heart of Skagway, Alaska. The gold rushes are booming and many making their fortune finding and striking Gold, especially in the small town of Klondike. Ginny, our main female character feels like her life is in need of a change and decides to hightail on a boat from the heart of the bustling San Fransisco to Alaska. Her dream is to one day open her own Bed and Breakfast for all the tourists and passerbys. It seems though, that God may be playing a part in Ginny's life as she heads to the local motel looking for somewhere to stay and gets talking to the owner Pete. He is looking for someone to look after his business and eventually if he strikes it lucky, to take over . Is Ginny the girl for the job ? It seems though , that a Bed and breakfast isn't the only thing God has in store for Ginny as her eyes catch the local hunk Jack . Is things starting to look her way or will she discover that things are just to good to be true ? Is this move , the work of the Lord or something sinister ?
Find out in this short but sweet read "Under the Midnight Sun" by Karen Colgan.


  1. I love historicals, and this one sounds very different. I like different!

  2. Thanks so much for the review. I had the chance to visit Skagway and fell in love with the history.
    Karen Cogan


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