Review: The Pledge - Kimberly Derting


After reading Kimberly Derting's series "The Body Finder" and enjoying it, I decided to give her new book a go , which covered a different theme and genre all together .
Review: The Pledge - The Pledge Book #1 - Kimberly Derting - November 2011
" My breath is my pledge to worship my queen above all others
My breath is my pledge to obey the laws of my country
My breath is my pledge to respect my superiors
My breath is my pledge to contribute to the progress of my class
My breath is my pledge to report all who would do harm to my queen and country
As I breath, I pledge".
After reading Kimberly Derting's series "The Body Finder" , hence it being a supernatural and all - I didn't know exactly what to expect with the Pledge. Was it to be another supernatural novel ? No , it turned out to be of the dystopian genre. The Pledge takes us into a world with a wicked Queen , who I'm sorry to say didn't care about anyone but herself . When she discovers a way to live for extended life, she snatches it up but the time has arrived and she is once again on her deathbed and needs to find a new royal and a female at that whose essence she can swallow. Enter Charlie and her sister Angelica , they are both of the Vendor class - they should only be able to understand two languages - Englaise and Parshon. They should not have any other abilities but they do and have to keep them hidden from the world , otherwise they may find themselves next on the gallows list. Charlie can understand any language spoken and Angelica we learn later in the novel can heal people and has the gift of intuition and seeing into a person's soul. Out clubbing one night, Charlie and her friend Brooklyn run into a group of guys - two in particular are attentive to Charlie. Max and Xander - they know what Charlie is and wants to protect her in the only way they can , but Max and Xander are both hiding dark secrets about themselves. Once revealed will Charlie be able to trust them or will it put Charlie and her family in danger ? Who is Charlie and what does her family have to do with the Queen, what secrets have her parents been hiding ? Are they really of the "Vendor" Class or was that a front to stay safe ?
Find out in Book #1 of Kimberly Derting's new series "The Pledge" - who will you be pledging allegiance to ?


  1. I felt like you going into The Pledge. I really had no idea what to expect. I enjoyed it, maybe not quite as much as I enjoyed The Body Finder, but I find that I keep thinking back on The Pledge after reading it. Plus I'm just in love with the cover!

    Thanks for stopping by Pretty in Fiction. New follower :)

  2. This book kept me hooked and thinking. The story line was filled with mystery and action. Great dystopian fiction all the way!


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