Review: Gold, Frankincense and Murder - Barbara Early

Looking for a light-hearted murder mystery ? Fond of the White Rose Publishing books ?
Review: Gold, Frankincense and Murder - Barbara Early - November 2011
Looking for a nice light-hearted murder mystery ? Nothing too heavy but still wanting the action of a murder and the suspense as the characters solve who dunnit ? .
Gold, Frankincense and Murder is set in a small town , the main setting is a Foodbank , when I get old , Im one day hoping to maybe do volunteer work at Foodbank as I know how much they help and think that it is such a good cause. Working the shifts at the Foodbank is Donna , Sandy and Neal. One day just before Christmas , Neal doesn't come in for his shift - Sandy (the manager) has been ringing etc . Donna knows that this is not like Neal and stops by his apartment only to discover nobody has been there for days and checking the messages on his machine - Donna discovers Sandy has lied. What happened to Neal , where is he ?
With the help of Neal's next door neighbour Donna , will go on a search to discover the truth of what happened to Neal especially when he turns up dead ? Who Killed Neal and Why would anyone want to kill "The Peach Man" ?
Gold , Frankincense and Murder is filled with twists , that will keep you guessing till the last couple of chapters to who in fact was the murderer , sometimes it's the people you least expect.


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