Review: Shift - Em Bailey

Wanting to discover a new Teen Book to read whilst you wait for the two biggest hits of 2012 to arrive according to TIME Magazine Insurgent and Pandemonium.
Get ready to discover new teen author Em Bailey and her book "Shift".

Review: Shift - Em Bailey - September 2011
When I picked up Shift , I had no idea what it was about - just the cover seemed to attract me and I thought Hmmmm , that looks like it could be good and OMG it definitely was as I found myself hooked from the very first page , I could not put it down - once I got started , I wanted to read to find out what happened next. In Shift, we meet Olive Corbett , she used to be one of the popular chicks , the one who had it all until tragedy struck and she found herself in an institution. Returning back to school, all Olive has is her friend Ami and things are going her usual pace until two new students start at her school - a cute new boy named Lachlan who is hiding a secret and has the hots for Olive and new girl Miranda. Some say Miranda killed her parents , it could be just a nasty rumour but when strange things start occuring and people are acting weird and looking drained , has Miranda got something to do with it ? Now it's up to Olive to stop Miranda before more people are hurt and the ones she loves even killed . A fun pyschological supernatural thriller that has a part for everyone.
Get ready to "Shift" into a comfy position and start reading Em Bailey's latest hit "Shift".


  1. I love the book and your review is 100% accurate!


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