Review : The Garden of the Moon - Elizabeth Sinclair

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Review: Garden of the Moon - Elizabeth Sinclair - December 2009
Do you love TV Programmes like Medium or Ghost Whisperer ? If so, then no matter what you will adore the Garden of the Moon by Elizabeth Sinclair . I was surprised that it was a 2009 release as picking up the book , everything from the cover to the pages inside and author profile just screamed an older publication but don't let this put you off as it was an OMG read , it was amazing. Set in the 1800's we meet Sara Wade , she has the gift of seeing Ghosts and helping them cross-over to the other side . The gift passed on from her grandmother and her father. When her Grandmother passes, she leaves Sara her plantation and the Harrowgate Estate that lays onsite. As Sara arrives though, something feels off . Later she recieves a visit from her Grandmother's ghost telling her to see the neighbour next door . Sara agrees and discovers that evil lurks around Harrowgate as prior her Gran's arrival , a young man was killed on his wedding night and a scandal arose around the death. The man's name was Jonathan , he was engaged to Katherine but in love with her twin sister Maddy. Katherine, jealous of Maddy never let Jonathan go which eventually lead to deaths galore. Now the eerie part is that Sara resembles Maddy and is having flashes back to Maddy's time as Maddy. Is Sara - Maddy reincarnated and what happens when Sara starts to fall in love with Jonathon - the ghost ? Of course, evil is always around the corner in Garden of the Moon with Katherine's ghost doing everything in her power to stop Sara/Maddy being reunited with her love forever.
The Garden of the Moon by Elizabeth Sinclair had a Kate and Leopold feel to it , so if you enjoy ghosts, historical fiction and a bit of time travelling , then this is the book for you.


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