Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Review: Topped - Kayti McGee

If you have read Meghan Quinn's books before , then you will understand what I mean when I say that Topped is up there with the Randy Romance Novelist. At first I wasn't sure what to expect with Topped as I had an idea that it would be a romantic comedy but I wasn't sure exactly what level whether it would be more Alice Clayton or Meghan Quinn scale and I have to say this was defintely up there on my list for LOL books. It was hilarious and I found myself chuckling right through the entire book. I do have to give you warning though, that if you find cursing and insults and guy humour disgusting and vulgar, then you will not enjoy Topped . It takes LOL books to a whole new level, a level that sometimes us readers are in the mood for as we just want a book that we can sit back and read without having to feel too deep emotions for it. In other words , for me I loved it. Unless you have been hiding under a rock , you would have heard of the infamous Chuck Tingle who is known for his weird as titles and dinosaur porn and gay titles and strange things like Taken by the Gay Unicorn Biker.  This book features two writers Miranda Rose aka Randi Rose and Joe M aka Charlie Shivers. Miranda is trying to get her big break as she is an amazing romance writer, whereas Joe writes under the name Charlie Shivers and writes basically Chuck Tingle type stories about having Sex with Dinosaurs. Randi and Charlie are arch-enemies in the book world , but when a one night stand sees them sleeping together and none are the wiser, things are about to change as especially since they are both attending the same romance writers conference in Kansas City and are on a panel together. 
I shall leave this review with the parting words, that if you need a laugh in your life and something to read and let go of all your worries in the world , then you have to read Topped and people if you don't have this book yet on your reading lists - you are certainly missing out.


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