Wednesday, May 4, 2016

VBT# He Loves Me Not - Tierney Fowler

From the cover I was captivated as I loved the whole magazine theme that the author had chosen for her book and I knew I had to read it as though I may be in my late 20's now I still love my YA books.  Reading the blurb it got me intrigued as the author was correct, most of the time we read books where the popular guy dumps the bitchy cheerleader for the nice underdog type girl , the girl whose a plain jane but really an amazing person or the book where the guy is a douche and he gets dumped for someone unexpected but much better. However in He Loves Me Not , we read as Maggie's life was perfect - she had the best boyfriend, popularity, winner of beauty contests and had it in the bag for homecoming queen. That was until her boyfriend ended up dumping her for a social outcast and not in private too but on the night they were recieving their crowns for homecoming. This threw Maggie off track as her life started to come crashing down until she met one night on the beach AJ - he was just a regular guy and not normally her type. He was pleased that she didn't know who he was as he is a famous musician and used to girls fangirling over him and being with him because of the "fame". As the story goes on, we discover that Maggie is a really neat person and that she can be herself around AJ and his friends which I thought was a really good direction that the author took. The other thing that I loved about this book was that Maggie never really lost her cool and the fact that despite her up's and down's some of her friends stayed by her side when they could and she got to discover really who her "real friends" were before it was too late ? This was a sweet YA romance and if you love the Southern world of things e.g beauty contests, their drawl and language and apple pies then you will absolutely love Book #2 of the series "He Loves Me Not".

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