Thursday, May 12, 2016

VBT# How to Be Cool - Annie Carr

How to Be Cool

Review: How to be Cool - Annie Carr - March 2016

When you are in High School , there is only one thing in life that really matters - where you stand on the chart of cool aka are you popular ? For Ethan and Laura , they have never been considered cool - normally this would be alright but for both of them they have siblings who are considered to be pretty/handsome and cool and top of the Popular food chain.  Ethan and Laura are considered the underdogs while their siblings are the ones everyone wants to be. For Ethan , it's his twin brother Alex who is Mr. Popular and it doesn't help Ethan's case that it was him who was diagnosed with mild Cerebal Palsy at birth and not Alex.  For Laura, it's her older gorgeous sister Nikki who gets all the guys . What will happen though when things are reversed as Alex and Nikki head out for a date and the next day Nikki is in hospital clinging for her life as she was raped and beaten to a pulp. During this time Ethan has started secretly dating Laura and things are going awesome and he doesn't think about his brother at all.  When Nikki comes to it and it turns out that Alex might have been the last one to see her ? What happens to his popularity and will Ethan choose to stand by his twin brother proclaiming his innocence or will he stand by his new girlfriend Laura who turns out to be Nikki's younger sister ?  One of the things I liked about How to be Cool is that it is mainly told from the POV of Ethan who could be just like you and me , he's not popular or the best at anything but a regular joe type of guy. Reading How to Be Cool by Annie Carr was a great read and it was refreshing to read a story based on the underdogs finding love rather than always the Hot girl or the Hot Guy or the Plain Jane/ Bob falls in love with Popular Guy/Girl.

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