Saturday, May 7, 2016

VBT # Something More Than This - Barbie Bohrman

Something More Than This

Review: Something More Than This - Barbie Bohrman - April 2016

Katy Lewis is a sports journalist for her local paper and before you say , that's odd - a girl being a sports journalist , Katy has been raised by her brothers and knows just and maybe even a little bit more about Football than most of your sporty guys. Being a sports journalist means that she has to work harder at her job than any other reporter , due to the whole gender inequality aspect. It's a good thing that her best friend Dylan is the editor for the newspaper she works at and constantly keeps her on her toes with the latest in sports trivia as we see lots of Q's and A's featured throughout the pages. The one thing though that Katy doesn't have time for is dating and relationships. Her last one ended as he told her that "sports journalism" wasn't a real journalism job. That's the equivalent of telling a fashion designer that the clothes she creates are just a bit of fabric.  Also with having a older protective brother who is a cop and a younger brother who is a lawyer, they always seem to scare away any interested parties.  One day Katy is with her friend Mimi and she gets a voicemail from an old friend who calls her Shadow. At first readers wonder if she had a different life or is hiding something. Turns out that the voicemail is from a guy she has not spoken to in over nine-ten years and the guy she was head over heels in love with - Connor. He was also the one guy she wanted to lose her V-Card too, but of course it never happened with him and her first ended up being her prom date.  Now Connor is back in town and wants to catch up with Katy and all her feelings for him are flooding back and fast. As the pair re-ignites, so does the chemistry between them . However, there is another guy who is A) In love with Katy and B) Katy does have feelings for him but he has never really made a move towards her in that sort of way. Now that Connor is back in the picture , has Dylan lost his chance to tell Katy how he really feels ? That he loves and wants Something More Than This - than their friendship level ? The first part of the book is introducing the characters of Katy, Dylan and Connor, the second part is reading as Katy and Connor get closer and Dylan gets shoved to the side and eventually the last part is the groundbreaking age of love triangle question of what happens when you love two guys and who will you pick to spend the rest of your life with ?
Find out in this sweet love triangle romance " Something More Than This" by Barbie Bohrman.

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