Friday, June 23, 2017

Review: Blush For Me - Kristen Proby

Blush for Me (Fusion, #3)

Review: Blush For Me - Book #3 Fusion Novel - Kristen Proby - March 2017

This author is one who I have most of her books that she has written and one of those authors that I keep meaning to read. I have to admit; I was like once I had finished Blush For Me - what took me so long? As I loved Kristen Proby's writing. It had just the right touch of romantic comedy but romance and even better the lead female character Kat was smart as she is a member of Mensa and her parents are Rocket Scientists. The other thing I loved was that Kat was a reader. Kat and her friends own a bar called Seduction and using each of their strengths have a job of their own. For Kat, since she loves helping people and wine of course - she is in charge of bartending. It has been awhile since Kat has been laid and heading to Napa Valley for a conference she decides to make it her sexcation. What she didn't expect was to sit next to a hot guy and completely freak out next to him on the plane ride there and for him to turn up at the conference. One thing leads to another and Kat and Airplane guy spend the week having the best sex ever. Turns out though that neither can forget one another and Mac wants more. Will Mac be able to win Kat over as she is a romantic at heart? Though will their relationship be short-lived as Mac's dad is involved with some bad guys who will put two to two together and end up involving Kat in the problem? Find out in this awesome read "Blush For Me" by Kristen Proby. A fun read that had everything from romance, comedy, and action and also heart-stopping moments. I am now looking forward to going back through my Kindle/Ipad and reading her other books. 

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