VBT# Seeds of Eden - A.P Watson

Seeds of Eden

Review: Seeds of Eden - Book #1 The Concilium Series - A.P Watson - November 2016

You know how some books you just pick up because it has an awesome cover? That was Seeds of Eden by A.P Watson for me. I love this cover so much. In saying that I had no idea really what the book would be about. From the first page, I was immediately captivated as the language was amazing and the writing style immediately draws you in with the author's creative words and vivid descriptions. We learn that the main character Evely is having a nightmare and it is one that has been recurring ever since she was a little girl. There is also the same guy in her dreams. What will happen though when she walks into her Senior Year and see the guy from her dreams standing right in front of her and then sitting next to her in History class? They are currently learning about the Spanish Inquisition and there is something strikingly familiar about Isabella to Evely. One thing leads to another, and now her nightmares are becoming daymares and more vivid and she is experiencing other scenes too. What is happening to her and is she going crazy? It turns out that Evely has been reincarnated over the years and is in fact Eve from the biblical stories and the Garden of Eden and the man she dreams of is a man she had an affair with -his name is Conrad. We later learn that she is in hiding from Aden aka Adam as once they loved each other but after the bite of the apple he turned evil and over the years more power hungry and now wants Evely all to his self and will have his minions kill everyone in the way of his final goal. Can Evely with the help of Conrad and her best friend Caroline make their way to the Concilium and get help before Aden aka Adam destroys everyone once and for all?
Find out in Book #1 Seeds of Eden by A.P Watson. An action-fuelled book with an awesome cover.


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