Monday, June 19, 2017

Review: One Night Stand In - T. Gephart

One-Night Stand-In (Imperfect Love)

Review: One Night Stand-In - Imperfect Love Universe - T. Gephart - June 2017

Based as a spin-off from the Hitched Series by Kendall Ryan, a group of authors has decided to use the base idea of Tate and Cane to come up with a Kindle Worlds series called Imperfect Love. T. Gephart brings readers she take with One Night Stand-In. Sarah Madison loves her job at Tate and Cane, and she admires her two bosses Olivia and Noah. Her dream job is to be a senior account manager, and she knows though she is young deserves the promotion as she has put everything into this job even her relationship has suffered from it. Sarah had personal time off as she and her fiance were planning to elope in Vegas, but at the last minute life had other plans, and Sarah ended up attending the trip by herself. While in Vegas, she got talking to Kyle Drake and asked him the weirdest flavor - if he could be a stand-in and allow her to be fake married to him. No wedding certificate was signed, but vows were said. The next day, the pair went their separate ways with the idea that they would never see each other again.  Of course, life always throws us those unexpected bones as Sarah has been told that she will be getting the promotion but instead of one of them doing the job, it will be shared and the newcomer happens to be none other than her One Night Fake Husband. As the sparks continue to fly and also with a promotion to win, will Sarah and Kyle be able to work together or will their personal feelings get in the way of their jobs? Will this One Night Fake Marriage turn into something more real? 
Find out in T.Gephart's book "One Night Stand In" and fall in love with the Imperfect Love Universe.

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