Monday, June 5, 2017

Review: Crimes against A Book Club - Kathy Cooperman

Moving to a new place in California, Annie is invited to attend a book club with the rich people of the neighborhood. Here she meets Dawn and the other rich wives around town. During her time in her new town, she learns that her son Oscar has autism and she needs $84,000 to pay for his therapy. When she is out with her friend Sarah, she watches a woman spend thousands of dollars on a face cream. As Annie has a chemistry background, she comes up with an idea to create her face cream. Sarah has been spending thousands on IVF and fertility treatments as well as working long hours as a lawyer. When she decides to quit her job on a whim, she realizes she no longer has the funds to pay for treatments. With her friend Annie creating the products, Sarah with her beauty and background in public speaking she becomes the face of the product. As the product starts to become popular,  They'll be rolling in money in no time. The only problem? The "secret ingredient" is ... illegal.
You know what happens next. Everyone wants Etinav, and the cream is a huge success. But as it grows in popularity, eventually, someone finds out that the "secret ingredient" is ... cocaine.
What will happen though when out of spite someone tests the cream and they find out the secret ingredient? 
Fans of the TV show Breaking Bad will enjoy Crimes Against a Book Club as I found it was a cross between Breaking Bad meets the Book World.


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