Monday, June 26, 2017

Review: Boy Meets Nerd - Leia Shaw

For those who know me, they will know that if there is one theme that I can't pass without reading the books. That theme is what I like to call Geek Chic Lit. The cover of this book had me at Nerd. Once I opened it and got into it, other favorite aspects of mine started to fall into the story from hacking to being a P.I to musicians and of course the Geeky girl getting the hot guy who turned out to have a bit of inner geek in himself.  In Boy Meets Nerd, we are introduced first to the "Nerd" aka Emerson True. She is a graduate of MIT, and her specialty is Computers and Coding. Her current goal is to find and create a new Prime Number. While doing this as she needs something to pay the bills, she works as a P.I. This is how she meets the Boy aka Levi. Levi is a video game score musician who teaches guitar lessons to children, and he is in love. Though his love sits behind a computer screen. For the past four months, Levi has been chatting to a girl online called Hope Love. They seem to be getting close, but every time he asks her to video chat him - she comes up with an excuse. One thing leads to another and Levi hires Emerson to find out if he is being catfished. During this time, Emerson and Levi spend a lot of time together and as the real identity of Hope Love is revealed. Will Levi want to stay with her after he discovers some of what he has been told is lies? What will happen though when on a road trip - Levi is headed to Ohio and Emerson to her HackerCon in Chicago, the pair spend a romantic night together? Will Levi realize that his perfect match is right in front of him rather than the girl from behind the computer screen in Ohio? Find out in Boy Meets Nerd by Leia Shaw. A perfect romance read for the geek side of us all.

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