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Review: House of Korba - C.L Stone

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House of Korba (The Ghost Bird, #7)

Review: House of Korba - Book #7 The Academy Series - C.L Stone - October 2014

Have you ever read a series that you have a love/hate relationship with? For me, that series is The Academy by C.L Stone. It is one of those series where I can't read them all back to back as I will get all frustrated but they are also a series I find that I can't put down though sometimes I want too. House of Korba is Book #7 and gives us readers a further look into the Korba family which for those who are unaware is Silas's family. We learn how he came to be in the Academy and what favors were pulled to get his family away from Greece. Like many families, the Korba's have a few skeletons in their closets, and if they aren't careful, it looks like one major one will be exposed to the world. Sang is still bouncing between the boys and though looks like Silas is not afraid to go for what he wants. Like all of the CL Stone The Academy books, I do like the boys but Sang freaking annoys me sometimes. It's like you want to shake her and be like grow a pair of balls or a backbone. Tell the boys you want to date them all and love them all and stuff society and conventions. It's always like Sang has to be led to make decisions and then when she wants to get all up in the boy's business - it's like she is assertive but not with what she wants. The other thing that annoyed me with this one was North. It's like who freaking cares if the others have made their moves if you love her then do it already. Come on everyone where is your assertiveness as HELLO; you have been trained at the Academy. You have done dangerous missions, so stop pussy-footing around Sang. BE ASSERTIVE.  While we are it with the nicknames, seriously Dr. Green - Pookie? We are not living in the olden days haha. I am curious to see who Volto ends up being though and what is next move is.  One thing though I thought while reading this book was that I want Sang's steampunk costume :).  If you want a good Reverse Harem series to read, then check out The Academy by C.L Stone as they do suck you in and once you start you will want more.


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