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Review: The Bullying of Natalie Cordova - Kennon Keith

The Bullying of Natalie Cordova

Review: The Bullying of Natalie Cordova - Kennon Keith - December 2015

Growing up Natalie was the girl everyone picked on, she tried to stay invisible, but nothing worked. She was the target of a group's bullying tactics. The ringleader was a girl named Heather Long. The bullying went right up till the last day of high school where she was left for dead after a massive beating from the group of bullies. During the upcoming summer, her grandmother left to go to Europe with her toyboy boyfriend, Etienne. Natalie had a vision where she killed her tormentors and so began Natalie's plan of attack seeing as they would all be attending the same college as her next year. Armed with her Grandmother's credit card, Natalie decided to give herself a summer overhaul and went with a complete body and personal transformation. Finally, she had achieved what her Grandmother had wanted for her ever since she was a little girl. What her Grandmother didn't realize though was that she had a plan of attack for the upcoming year. Those bullies if Natalie had her way would not survive their first year of Weston College. So begins the first day of College and to her surprise and glee, the bullies don't recognize her - which makes her plan even more successful. As the deaths start piling up on campus, will Natalie be caught or will she get away with it? The Bullying of Natalie Cordova reminded me a cross between the first season of Scream Queens and American Psycho Two.

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