Monday, April 5, 2021

Review: Five Little Liars - Amanda K. Morgan

Five Little Liars

Review: Five Little Liars - Amanda K. Morgan - June 2020

This book captured my attention from the cover with the tagline of "one dead teacher, one secret pact". Even though our library had this book in the Top Titles section which is normally reserved for adults’ books, I found Five Little Liars would have been more suited to older teens as the book is set during summer school and features the students, all from different walks of life who have been signed up to complete the professor's psychology class. The teacher as we are about to discover is such a hard nut and one night after failing students - five students will be bonded for life with a secret pact after they accidentally kill their teacher. Mattie, Ivy, Kinley, Tyler, and Cade are now connected with the murder of their teacher. As the story goes along, the five will try and make it look like an accident and make a pact never to talk about this again. The thing though is each of the five is hiding dark secrets of their own and if they aren't careful, then those secrets could be the downfall of their pact being broken and one of them if not all taking the fall for the murder. Even though it read to be similar to Karen McManus's series, I thought this had more of a Sara Shepard feel to the story with the secrets and pact side of things. I am now interested in reading the other books by this author and of course the sequel to Five Little Liars as ended on a major cliffhanger.

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