Review: Have Mercy - Ashley Gee

Have Mercy (Vengeance is Mine #2)

Review: Have Mercy - Book #2 Vengeance is Mine - Ashley Gee - March 2021

As readers of The Phantom Paragrapher will know that some of my favorite tropes are bullymances, edgy romances, college fiction, and then identical twins tales. Ashley Gee's book #2 Have Mercy has all those tropes featured. We start with the other side of the cliffhanger ending as we have Vaughn and Evie end up in hospital after the car accident. When Evie wakes up, she sees Drake who also now knows that she is Evie and not her twin sister Olivia. Drake wants to find out how the story behind Olivia as it looks like people are willing to kill to have the truth hidden and sealed. In Have Mercy, the pair will team up to find a way to infiltrate and bring down the Havoc Boys once and for all and at the same time get vengeance on those who harmed her sister. What will happen though when the clock is ticking and Drake finds himself framed for charges against Olivia? Have Mercy was a bit more of a twisted tale than Book #1 and this one focused more deeply on the conspiracies and theories of the dark underbelly of Havoc House and the events surrounding their initiations. I have to admit though that Book #2 does end of a major cliffhanger that had me going OMFG and now I can't wait to hurry up and read Book #3 and to see what path author Ashley Gee will take the story and I do hope we haven't seen the last of Evie and Drake.



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